2 AC Timer Repair ( ATM TIMER)

2 AC Timer Repair

We, the 4You Air Conditioning is the leading AC PCB repair company in  Chandigarh that is known for providing the best AC services. We work with an aim to provide the beat, fast and long lasting AC repair solution to all our clients. We not only work dedicatedly to satisfy our clients but make sure to provide them all that they are longing for. Our AC Repair services will satisfy you in the best ways.

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What is an AC  timer?

AC timer is an important part of the AC that is not afforded to be damaged at any cost. The timer in AC is used for switching on and off air conditioner as per your requirements. The technical working involves 3 basic functions

The input signal

The Output signal

Power signal

we can also name them as AC Controller that is the most suitable for window/split Air Conditioner. In Ac one can set the time, the timers will automatically switch on your machine and will turn off as per the time set

Why Ac Timer need repair?

Economically accessible Imported Timers dependably glitch and don’t keep going for over a year. Some Branded ones are accessible in the market, anyway, they are extravagantly estimated and don’t legitimize the incentive for cash condition. Our A.C. Clock/Sequencer is a finished Value for Money Product and is likewise offered with a 2 Years Warranty. The Air Conditioner sequencer finds wide applications in spots like Server Rooms, ATM focuses, Electrical Substation and Switchgear Rooms, Control Rooms, Cell Sites, and so forth where at least two Air Conditioners are available and are to be turned ON then again or in a specific succession.

The essential model of our sequencer just capacities like a straightforward sequencer, whereas the more refined models screen the room temperature ceaselessly and take remedial activities like incidentally turning ON the Stand-via Air Conditioner(s), in case of occasional/movement based temperature rise is identified or on the off chance that one forced air system goes defective. In the event of extremely cool surrounding temperature, the normal forced air systems are additionally killed when not required. The framework additionally has a stage disappointment identification framework that actuates the reserve accessible stage for use until the broken stage is re-established.

The gadget additionally sounds alert to attract regard for the stage disappointment issue, defective climate control system/temperature rise. A discretionary SMS Facility alarms the worried individual on SMS about the issue to make a remedial move in time.

The Night vitality sparing/inertia vitality protection highlight consequently raises the set temperature by 2 Degrees amid evening time/idleness periods. Eg : 23 Deg C >>> 25 Deg C. This element can be utilized uniquely for ATM focuses where the human traffic diminishes in the evening when ATM machine utilization drops definitely. It tends to be utilized or in spots with comparable working examples.